Virtual Apprenticeship in Hebrew Shamanism
Power can be cultivated and transmitted.

This truth has been embraced by ancient civilizations, in which shaman-adepts are recognized and apprenticed before they reach adulthood, undergoing rites of passage, overcoming their deepest fears, and cultivating tools to steward the growth and healing of others.

Modern societies have lost many of our connections with the sacred lineage of healers and teachers.
And yet ancient Hebraic practices have been recorded, and our shaman ancestors long to rekindle our knowledge.

Today, shaman-adepts are drawn to the teachings by an inner calling to serve. An awakened state of intuition. A compassion so deep it wants to repair all that is broken in this world. If you are being called, you are not obligated to answer the call. For those who do answer, their lives will be forever changed. 

Is this journey right for you? Do you feel moved to shift your reality?
The call can be heard from within.
Apply to the Virtual Apprenticeship
in Hebrew Shamanism